New Date And Time For Parade: December 9 at 10 AM

The Rotary Club of Niceville-Valparaiso has announced that the annual Christmas Parade has been delayed to Saturday, December 9th, due to expected bad weather on the second. 

The parade will start at the same time, 10 AM, as it was supposed to start on the 2nd. The parade will start at Mark Smith Boulevard. 

Unfortunately, it means the grand marshal of the parade, Niceville Country Singer Hunter Hunter Phelps, won’t be able to attend. The Nashville Star has another commitment. No worries, says Rotary Club Spokesperson Jimmie Boisjolie – they plan something else to make up for it. “We’re going to do something silly with his Grand Marshal Car,” Boisjolie said. 

Boisjolie says the poor weather over the weekend required them to decide by Wednesday so Law Enforcement and the Niceville Fire Department did not have to prepare their roadblocks, cones, and other necessities for the weekend. 

She added that they are emphasizing safety this year – especially when it comes to keeping candy-hunting kids out of the roadways. “No children should enter the roadway to pick up candy that costs 50 cents. It scares us to death every year,” Boisjolie said. “That’s the one thing we want to start pushing, which is just reminding people about safety during the parade.”

The Annual Christmas Parade shuts down the roads around Niceville High School and Ruckel Middle School every year and raises money for charity. This year’s beneficiary, supported by float entry fees, is Toys For Tots. 

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For profit organizations must pay a $65 entry fee – non-profits pay a $30 entry fee. 

You can learn more about the parade and sign up at nicevillevalparaisorotary.orgThere, you can download their form. 

Santa will make an appearance on Niceville Fire Department’s Fire Truck. Other floats manned by local politicians, churches, civic groups and sports teams will also participate.

Police will block traffic on the parade route for roughly two hours, so find an alternate way if you must drive in the area.

Niceville Police will be out in force to maintain order, decorum, and all traffic laws.

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