Details about this year's events

This year’s Niceville Christmas Parade will take place on December 2nd, starting at 10 AM.

The parade will take its traditional path, starting at the intersection of Palm and John Sims Parkway, moving down the Parkway, turning onto Mayor Randall Wise Memorial Highway and returning to Palm.

The City Council voted 3-0 to assume liability for incidents stemming from the parade, should they happen. Two council members, Bill Schaetzle and Carl Donahoo, were not present at the meeting.

The Christmas Parade has occurred for over many years and is sponsored by the Niceville-Valparaiso Rotary Club. The theme is “Create hope for the world.”

The club will donate the proceeds from the event to Toys For Tots.

Santa rides atop the Niceville Fire Department’s Fire Truck – and other floats are manned by local politicians, churches, civic groups and sports teams.

Traffic will be blocked on the parade route for roughly two hours, so find an alternate way if you must drive there.

Niceville Police will be out in force to maintain order, decorum, and the traffic laws.

Entering An Organization In The Parade

Participants must pay an entry fee and decorate a float For Profit. Organizations will have to pay a $65 fee, and non-profit orgs will have to pay a $30 entry fee. 

You can learn more about the parade and sign up at nicevillevalparaisorotary.orgThere, you can download their form – add the money for the entry fee, and mail it to 

Niceville Valparaiso Rotary Club 

PO Box 388

Niceville, Florida 32578

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