Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 27-year-old Jordan Paul Rogers on Monday afternoon after he attempted to take a pistol through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security checkpoint. The incident, which happened around 3 pm, resulted in the discovery and seizure of a .380 ACP Ruger Lightweight Compact Pistol (LCP) handgun from Rogers’ backpack.

According to the police report filed by the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, the gun was detected by TSA personnel as Rogers’ backpack passed through the X-ray machine during routine screening. Deputies promptly responded to the alert and detained Rogers, a Crestview resident.

After being read his Miranda rights, deputies say Rogers told them he was “unaware/unsure how the firearm was placed in his backpack and was unable to provide a reason why the firearm was located in his backpack.”

Rogers is out of jail on a $1,500 Bond. 

The Crestview resident now faces charges for attempting to carry a concealed firearm, classified as a third-degree felony in Florida. If convicted, he could face up to five years in prison along with a fine of $5,000.

Governor DeSantis signed a bill that would make concealed carrying a firearm legal without a permit in the state. That law takes effect on July 1, 2023. 

In addition to the criminal charge, the TSA can fine Rogers up to $10,000 if he is found to be guilty of what one attorney calls “firearm smuggling.”

TSA guidelines allow for the transportation of guns in checked baggage, provided that owners adhere to strict guidelines and timeframes. However, attempting to bring a firearm through a security checkpoint in carry-on luggage violates federal and state laws.

Law enforcement authorities are investigating the incident further to determine Rogers’ intentions. Rogers does not have a concealed carry permit. 

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This incident serves as a reminder for all travelers to be familiar with the regulations concerning firearms when flying. It is essential to follow the proper procedures, including declaring firearms and ensuring they are properly stored in checked baggage, to avoid potential legal issues and maintain the safety of all passengers.

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