What are my Niceville high school options?

Trying to figure out what school in the Niceville area your child should attend? No worries – we have an exhaustively-researched list of the schools in the area your child can attend! 

Schools Available to Students in the Niceville and Valparaiso Area

There are a total of five different schools, including regular public school, private religious school and charter schools available to students in the Niceville area. they include:

Collegiate High School at Northwest Florida State College Logo

Collegiate High School

Collegiate High School takes its name from the fact that the school is associated (and on the campus of) Northwest Florida State College. The school provides rigorous academic challenges for students - as well as the opportunity to earn an Associate of Arts Degree and a High School Diploma at the same time.

Destin High School Logo

Destin High School

Destin High School is a not-for-profit charter school which opened its doors for the 2020 school year. Students from Niceville can apply to the school - which boasts both college-prep and vocational tracks.

Niceville High School Logo

Niceville High School

Niceville High School has plenty of competition for the best and brightest students in the state - and manages to keep many of them in the Public School System. The school is consistently one of the highest performers in the state for high school achievement.

Okaloosa Academy Charter School

Okaloosa Academy

Okaloosa Academy specializes in fresh starts for students with behavioral or disciplinary issues. Okaloosa Academy is owned and operated by the Raeder Group.

Rocky Bayou Christian School Logo

Rocky Bayou Christian School

'Rocky' or 'Rocky Bayou,' as it is informally known, instructs children K-12 in a Christian Worldview. The Campus is located on Partin Drive in Niceville.

Click on a school’s logo to learn more about the educational institution. 

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