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General Overview of St. Paul's Lutheran School

St. Paul’s School of Niceville is a K-5 elementary school that is affiliated with St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Niceville. 

The school is located on the same property as the church and is nestled south of John Sims Parkway in the middle of Niceville proper. 

The school says its vision is to create and environment in which each child in its care can grow and thrive. The National Lutheran School Association has accredited St. Paul’s school as an institution in good standing with the body. The accreditation body is affiliated with the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.


Students at St. Paul’s Christian School have a top-notch curriculum at the school to broaden their minds. Students learn language arts, reading, math, history, geography, health, physical education and bible courses.

In addition to their regular classes, students have a course in art, music and spanish once weekly. 

In order to grow their spiritual life, children at St. Paul’s school also have chapel once-weekly.

Tuition, Scholarships and Discounts

St Paul’s School charges a total of $5,050 for students to attend. This includes tuition ($4,500), curriculum fees ($300), registration fees ($100) and supplies and testing fees ($150). 


Kindergarten is slightly less expensive: tuition is $4,000 per year and curriculum fees are $250 per year. All other fees are the same, which renders total cost to attend kindergarten at St. Paul’s School at $4,500.


Returning students pay slightly less in registration fees if they pay on time. Additionally, members of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church receive a 5% discount on tuition and families with multiple children at St. Paul’s receive a 3% discount per child. 

In addition to discounts and local scholarships – the state of Florida offers several scholarship programs which parents can use to fund a private education for their children. These programs include The Family Empowerment Scholarship, The McKay Scholarship and the Step up for Students Scholarship.

Principal Mrs. Heather Pincknard

1407 E John Sims Pkwy, Niceville, FL 32578

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