What is Going on Next to Walmart in Niceville?

So – many people have started to ask – what in the world is going on next to Walmart in Niceville?

Is someone building something? ❌

Is it the Trader Joe’s/Target/Cheesecake Factory i’ve always wanted? ❌

It’s a missile silo, isn’t it? ❌


“I know I have gotten hundreds of calls since Friday about what they are building next to the Wal-Mart”,” Niceville Public Works Director Jonathan Laird said, “Valparaiso Realty (which owns the land) made a deal with CW Roberts (the contractor working on the John Sims Construction Project) to use it as a staging site for their equipment.”

So no – there is no big box store coming to town. Just a bunch of construction equipment for John Sims Parkway.


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