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Brewery Owner: "I'm Looking For A New Buyer Or Tenant"

Strange Colt Brewery will stay open, according to owner Dr. Tom Streeter.

Mid Bay News reported the brewery, located on John Sims Parkway, would close after Streeter posted to the official Strange Colt Brewery Facebook page that the brewery would close. “I just want to give you a heads up, we’re going to close the brewery in about two weeks,” Streeter said in a video on the page.

Now, in an email to Mid Bay News, Streeter said, “The brewery is not closing.” He says he is, “looking for a new buyer and/or tenant. I have had a few people come forward that want to keep it open. So, please make an update now stating that.”

Streeter did not name any potential suitors to take over the brewery in his email.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

Original Story:

Do you want to own a craft brewery?

Now’s your chance:

After five years, Strange Colt Brewery will close its doors and cease business – unless someone new comes to the helm to take over.

Current Strange Colt Brewing owner, Dr. Tom Streeter, announced the closure on the Strange Colt Brewery Facebook page Monday evening.

Comments on social media praised the team for their beers and atmosphere in the Niceville, Florida, location.

“I think this project has been going on for five years, and for me at the helm, it’s no longer sustainable,” Streeter said, “I’m appreciative of all you’ve done to support me and the pub and it’s been a fun little ride, but it’s time for me to step down. That being said, there is a great opportunity for someone to the next level to pick up the baton.”

We’ve reached out to Strange Colt – and we’ll have more information (hopefully) soon about buying a brewery.

About Strange Colt Brewery

Strange Colt Brewery began in Niceville and bases its presence in the community on the neighborhood pubs in Britain.

The brewery currently has ten beers on tap – half of which they brew in-house.

The brewery is open from 3-9 on weeknights and 3-10 on Saturdays. It’s closed on Sunday and Monday.

Owner and Brewmaster Tom Streeter partnered with brewmaster Scott Hestilow, brewer Colby Avery and front-of-house manager Alexis Graves to start the brewery.

two people flexing
Dr. Tom Streeter poses for the camera in a photo for the Strange Colt Brewery website.

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