Valparaiso Museum Hosts Northwest Florida Revolutionary War Lecture

Historian Wesley Odom will share his knowledge with children and chaperones on Friday, February 17th, to promote his book ‘The Longest Siege of the American Revolution: Pensacola’ at the Northwest Florida Heritage Museum. 


Odom will discuss the siege of Pensacola, which lasted nine weeks and resulted in a Spanish victory over the British in 1781. 


“This little-known battle impacted the [American] Revolution in a decisive way,” a flyer says, “and in this lesson, you will hear the surprising end of the siege.”


The event starts at 9:45 AM and is open to children nine years old and older. 


The Northwest Florida Heritage Museum’s address is 115 Westview Avenue, Valparaiso, Fl 32580. 


You can get more information by calling 850.678.2615 or going to

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