Twin Cities Pavilion Asks for Meal Help After COVID Outbreak

Residents recuperating, facility short-staffed

37 residents of Twin Cities Pavilion are on their way to recovery after an outbreak of COVID-19 at the retirement facility in Niceville. The outbreak began on March 20th and spread quickly through the residence. 


According to Kimberly Fraley, the Elder Services of Okaloosa County Director, one resident was taken to the hospital due to the virus – but has begun to recover. The resident remains at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center as they recover. 


The virus seems to be more transmissible and less severe than earlier variants. 


“The residents have done very well with this particular strain we’ve had go through the building,“ Fraley added.  


In the wake of the outbreak, which also infected employees – the center has asked for help making meals for the residents. 


“They are starting to return to work,“ Fraley said of her employees, “we suspect that we probably have another week lef that we need to plan being short-staffed.”


So far, Taco Bell and Mcdonald’s in Niceville have offered food to Twin Cities Pavilion to help shore up the workforce and feed the residents. 


If you want to assist Twin Cities Pavilion, you can call their offices at 850.833.9212 or, you can visit their website here. 



“The residents have done very well with this particular strain we’ve had go through the building“.

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