U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant John Dobler lost his life in 2014

In a heartfelt tribute to U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant John Dobler, who lost his life in 2014, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation has announced the full payment of the mortgage on his family’s home. The surprise, unveiled on Veterans Day, is part of the Foundation’s commitment to supporting Gold Star families across the nation.

Staff Sergeant Dobler, an Air Force veteran, succumbed to service-related cancer attributed to burn pit exposure on February 18, 2014. His decade-long service was a testament to his love for flying and dedication to the country, inspired by his father’s service in the Marines.

Diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer in 2012, Dobler fought valiantly for nearly two years through surgeries and treatments before his passing. His legacy lives on through his wife, Amanda, and their son, Noah.

Amanda, who has been widowed for almost a decade, received the emotional news of the mortgage payoff on Veterans Day. Overwhelmed with gratitude, she expressed, “Being widowed for almost a decade, I am still being blessed by my husband’s service to our country.”

Currently working as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Amanda Dobler is devoted to helping others navigate loss. The surprise mortgage payment, timed with Veterans Day, adds a deeper layer of significance to John’s enduring legacy.

“My husband loved being part of the military. I know that the Air Force was his family, and he would be so proud knowing how well we are being taken care of during this time. Words cannot describe what a blessing this is to me and my son. We are honored and blessed that my husband’s service meant something and that he continues to be remembered,” said Amanda.

The Tunnel to Towers Gold Star Family Home Program, which aims to honor the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the nation, provided the Dobler family with the mortgage-free home. This program either pays off the mortgage or provides surviving spouses and young children with homes free of mortgage obligations.

In alignment with Veterans Day, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation is extending its gratitude to the military community by gifting 50 mortgage-free homes across the country, including five in Florida. Frank Siller, Chairman and CEO of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, expressed his appreciation, stating, “This Veterans Day, we thank those who volunteered to step up and serve our country and acknowledge all they sacrificed to keep us and our country safe.”

To learn more about the 50 families receiving mortgage-free homes and the Tunnel to Towers Foundation’s commitment to eradicating veteran homelessness nationwide, visit T2T.org.

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