Trash Rates to Rise Slightly for Niceville Residents

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A Waste Management Truck on the job near The Coffee Shoppe on John Sims Parkway

Well, like just about everything else right now – trash costs will be going up a little bit in the coming year.

Waste Management announced and the Niceville City Council accepted a price increase for residents in 2022.

The increase – which, according to Niceville City Clerk Dan Doucet, is pegged to the Water Sewer Trash Consumer Price Index (CPI). This will end up costing about .70¢ per family in Niceville.

You can see the whole item in the agenda packet from last week’s city council meeting here.

Overall, the increase works out to about a 7% bump in cost per month.

Waste Management is the exclusive franchise holder for the city, and has been for nearly 30 years.

A chart of the price increases for trash in the City of Niceville. This ain’t no New York Times, so the graphics department is a little light 🙂

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