The Florida Department of Transportation issued several heads up for Niceville travelers. Please be aware of them as you prepare for this weekโ€™s commute.


Road work on SR-20

The Florida Department of Transportation District 3 issued two different alerts concerning SR-20, also known as John Sims Parkway.

Tree Trimming

he first alert covers Monday, May 2 to Wednesday, May 4. FDOT says they will conduct routine maintenance on John Sims Parkway from Wise Avenue to Tamarack Avenue. The department says commuters will have to deal with periodic eastbound lane closures from 9AM to 3PM from Monday (May 2) to Wednesday (May 4) while crews trim trees.

Utility Maintenance

The second alert will last a little bit longer than the first. Crews will perform some utility maintenance on SR 397 (West John Sims Parkway) which will take place between May 2 and June 2. The maintenance will take place between 9AM and 3PM.


Lane Closures on Ferdon Boulevard Over the Train Tracks

The FDOT says drivers will have to deal with delays heading through Crestview between 9pm and 5:30am while crews clean, repair and seal areas of the bridge that goes over the FG&A railroad.

Other Notes

As always, the FDOT caveats the expected dates of operation as it concerns weather. Drivers are asked to be cautious in work areas and to drive with a mind to the workers working on site. For more information, visit the Florida Department of Transportation District Three website. You can, if you are passionate about road maintenance news, follow FDOT District Three on Twitter or get information from them on Facebook .

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