Laurie Einstein Koszuta

Laurie Einstein Koszuta

Special to Mid Bay News

This past Tuesday, Bluewater Bay Tennis Center was the site of a most unusual Northwest Florida Tennis Association doubles match for one particular team. The team, known as the Miss Hits and based in Bluewater, currently has three sets of mothers and daughters on its roster. This rare occurrence saw all three of those sets playing a league match at the same time, something the opposing team took note of and embraced.

According to Lesa Kirkman, the team’s captain, there are mother-daughter duos on other teams in the league but most likely none have three sets. Matches are held weekly and each team fields ten players, two per court, against their opponents. Doubles players don’t always play with the same partner for each week’s match but Kirkman decided to mix things up a bit.

Women smiling on a tennis court

“It was just Mother’s Day,” Kirkman said, and I thought it would be fun for each mother to play with their daughter on the same day. The rest of our team was very supportive of this player line-up and loved watching the action.”

The players, who ranged in age from 27 to 82, were Lesa Kirkman and her daughter Laura Kirkman, Jill Moore and her daughter, Shana Wilson and Paige Peters and her daughter Hannah Putynkowski. Four additional players on the team played as well but none were related.

All the matches ended in victory and were the current season’s last match. Team tennis for the league resumes in the fall.


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