It looks like the bumpy, uneven, painful-to-drive-across bridge over Turkey Creek between Niceville and Valparaiso won’t be fully smoothed over and resurfaced until at least the third week of July. Niceville Public Works Director Jonathan Laird informed the council of the situation at April’s City Council meeting.
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The road, which has not seen much – if any – work done to it in at least a month has remained a pain to drive over for commuters attempting to avoid John Sims Parkway’s congestion through Niceville. The road is also the main thoroughfare to Fort Walton Beach and Eglin Air Force Base’s west gate for many people in Niceville.

As you might’ve heard, John Sims has traffic congestion of its own causing commuter delays.

Who is in Charge of the Bridge Over Turkey Creek?

According to an email from the Florida Department of Transportation’s Tanya Branton, the project is a City of Niceville Project.

But the City of Niceville says that the current work is Okaloosa County’s responsibility.

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The County, through Public Information Officer April Sarver, in turn, told Mid Bay News in an email, “It is a County maintained bridge and project. FDOT is involved because they inspect all bridges in the state. We are making repairs based on their inspection and they have provided technical assistance as the repairs are made.”

So, long story short, Okaloosa County is in charge of the repairs on the bridge.


Regardless of who is in charge of the project, the City of Niceville’s public works director says it is scheduled to be concluded at the end of July.

Get ready for a bumpy summer on College.

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