This is how much Niceville Students Raised For Needy Kids Christmas Presents

After counting the money and heading to the store for a shopping spree – the high schoolers on the Niceville Youth Advisory Council reported they raised more than $1,000 dollars so needy kids in Niceville could have a Christmas. 


Youth Advisory Council Aleena Ponto told the Niceville City Council the students raised the money through community donations, thanks to the efforts of the members of the council. 


After raising the money, which the city held on to for safekeeping, the high schoolers and Deputy City Clerk Wendy Farmer shopped for toys and personal hygiene items the kids might need. 


“Our youth are very involved,” Mayor Dan Henkel told attendees at the Niceville City Council meeting, “As a result, good things happen in our community.”


The Youth Advisory Council is a City of Niceville function which organizes high schoolers in the Niceville area to help out in the community.


On March 11, the council will organize and execute a community cleanup. Details of that effort are forthcoming. 


In April, the council hosts their annual fundraiser for the Emerald Coast Autism Center. In 2022, their fundraiser raised more than $10,000 for the center.

Aleena Ponto, Niceville Youth Advisory Council
Aleena Ponto serves as the chairman of the Niceville Youth Advisory Council
Man smiling in a portrait
Mayor Daniel Henkel


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