This Group Just Donated $14,000 to Okaloosa Schools

two women speaking at a meeting

Okaloosa Public Arts (OPA) presented the Okaloosa County School Board with a check for $14,000 to support arts programs in schools at the board’s August 22nd meeting. 


The money, which was raised by the organization, will be split amongst the district’s seven high schools: The Baker School, Choctawhatchee High School, Crestview High School, Fort Walton Beach High School, The Laurel Hill School, Niceville High School and Destin High School. 


Each school will receive $2,000 for arts programs. 


“We are so proud of our Okaloosa County School System – especially the arts students,” said OPA president Bernadette Sims, “This is not a lot compared to what they really need, but we feel like we are helping.”




JR Spolski, the Fort Walton Beach High School principal, came up to the podium and personally thanked the representatives of OPA for the donation.He mentioned the banners that the OPA places on the lightposts that border Eglin Parkway through Cinco Bayou – and noted that all Okaloosa County High Schools are represented by a banner. “That’s not just because of our art teachers, instructors, superintendents, and our board members, but it’s also because of organizations like [the OPA].”


Superintendent Chambers thanked the representatives from the OPA for their donation as well. “Today, there may be some people who think the arts is left out – and this is a prime example of how much focus there is on this in our school district – and I appreciate so much Okaloosa Public Arts for all that [they] do,” Chambers said. 

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