The Latest Niceville Police Stats for September 2022

Niceville Police Chief David Popwell revealed September 2022’s police statistics to the Niceville City Council at their meeting on Tuesday. 


Niceville Police made two misdemeanor arrests and five felony arrests over the course of the month. That number is way below average for the year. A total of 183 arrests have been made so far this year by the city of Niceville’s police force. Typically, Niceville Police will make a total of 20 arrests (felony and misdemeanor) in a month. 


Traffic crashes continued their upward trend for the year. All told, the Niceville Police Department Responded to a total of 3,379 calls and 55 traffic crashes involving 105 vehicles and pedestrians. Police estimated that the total amount of damage to vehicles involved was roughly $365,000. 


Police issued 133 traffic citations, 163 warnings and arrested two people for DUI. The DUIs took place on September 5th on Valparaiso Boulevard and the other was on John Sims Parkway, on September 23rd. 


In addition, the department served an out-of-state search warrant in a forgery case that involved a property within city limits. 

Crime Stats In Niceville for 2022 Through September

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