Kayla Fernandez, a professional soccer player in the Mexican league, shares her journey from growing up in Niceville, Florida, to playing professional soccer. She emphasizes the challenges of limited competitive teams in Niceville, leading her to play with her father’s boys’ team. Kayla and her twin sister eventually joined a women’s team through the Olympic Development Program (ODP) in Florida.

The twins chose to attend the University of Tulsa, where they enjoyed successful college soccer experiences. Kayla expresses her passion for the game and how playing with her sister has been a highlight. After college, Kayla pursued her dream of playing professional soccer in Mexico. She talks about the process of finding an agent, receiving offers from Mexican teams, and eventually joining Atlas FC.

Kayla describes the exhilarating experience of stepping onto the professional field, unexpectedly starting in her first game and playing 90 minutes. She shares her love for the game and the high level of play in the Mexican league. Additionally, Kayla discusses her cultural journey, expressing her desire to reconnect with her Mexican roots, learn the language, and experience the lifestyle.

The interview concludes with Kayla discussing her excitement about playing against notable teams like Club America and Tigres in the Mexican league. She also briefly mentions her twin sister’s plans to join her in Mexico after completing her degree. Finally, Kayla talks about her positive experiences in Jalisco, Mexico, and her intentions to explore the region’s tourist sites during the off-season.

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