House Bill 4545 โ€“ a bill filed by Representative Patt Maney in the Florida House that would help the city of Niceville get rid of the wastewater treatment plant on SR-85 and complete the move to a centralized wastewater treatment plant Okaloosa County operates in the Fort Walton Beach area.

The bill would appropriate $1.5 Million form the state to match the $1.5 Million in local money to make the changeover happen.

According to the appropriations document, the removal of the wastewater treatment facility in Niceville would eliminate a contaminated facility, provide space for public recreational uses and remove a public eye-sore.

Throughout the document, it mentions that the land would be freed up for โ€˜recreational usesโ€™ a total of eight times. Whether that means a new ballpark or a playground is uncertain – but something for the community is what they seem to have in mind.

The bill is currently in the agricultural and natural resources appropriations subcommittee.

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