University of Memphis Trumpet Professor and Internationally-renowned Tenor to highlight the Sounds of the Spectrum Event.

The Emerald Coast Autism Center (ECAC) will host a remarkable evening of music and philanthropy with its “Sounds of the Spectrum” benefit concert. This extraordinary event will feature world-renowned operatic tenor Laurence Brownlee and internationally acclaimed trumpet soloist David Spencer, accompanied by the Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra. The concert will take place on Wednesday, November 8th, 2023, at 7 p.m. within the splendid confines of the Mattie Kelly Arts Center, located on the Northwest Florida State College campus.

The Emerald Coast Autism Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing essential services to individuals on the autism spectrum and children with other related abilities. This year, ECAC received a significant matching grant from the Dugas Family Foundation, a testament to the organization’s vital work within the community.

ECAC plans to allocate the grant funds toward expanding their school facilities. This expansion will enable them to reach and support even more individuals in the area, furthering their mission to empower those with autism and related abilities to achieve their highest level of independence and success.

Todd Craven, the director of the Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra, has been instrumental in organizing the benefit concert. The Mattie Kelly Arts Center, also situated on the Northwest Florida State College campus, provides an ideal venue for this charitable event, showcasing the rich talents of Lawrence Brownlee and David Spencer.

Laurence Brownlee, an internationally celebrated operatic tenor, and ECAC parent, will lend his remarkable voice to the concert. Joining him is David Spencer, a talented ECAC parent and renowned trumpet soloist. Together, they will create an unforgettable night of music to raise crucial funds to support ECAC’s mission.

This “Sounds of the Spectrum” benefit concert promises to be an evening of enchanting melodies and heartfelt giving. By attending this event, patrons will enjoy a spectacular musical performance and contribute to the noble cause of providing support and services to individuals on the autism spectrum.

Tickets for this event can be purchased on the Mattie Kelly Arts Center website. It’s an opportunity to experience the transformative power of music while making a positive impact in the lives of individuals with autism and related abilities.

Join ECAC, Lawrence Brownlee, David Spencer, and the Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra on November 8th, 2023, for an unforgettable evening of music, community, and compassion.

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