20,000 Square Foot Facility includes eight classrooms, STEM lab.

With a snip from oversized scissors through a red ribbon – Headmaster Dr. Michael Mosley opened the High School Building for students of Rocky Bayou Christian School. 

The sizable facility boasts eight classrooms, a STEM lab and two science labs, an outdoor classroom, two breakout rooms for studying, a conference room and a giant globe hanging from the roof in the foyer. 

Several hundred people were on hand to witness the opening of the 20,000-square-foot building, including the Chairman of the Rocky Bayou Christian School Board, Van Linn. “As an alumni, alumni parent, [and] now board member, I’ve seen this school grow vastly over the past 37 years,” Linn told the audience, “Over the past 50 years, the school has blessed; literally, I was thinking about this last night, literally generations of families. I am blessed in my family, thankful to be a small part of that.”

Dr. Mosley says the high school will be filled to the brim with students on day one, a testament to the people involved in the school’s success for the last half-century. 

“they kept their hands to a plow and didn’t give up. And we’re standing here today because they didn’t give up. They heard God’s call, they answered it. They devoted their lives to envisioning this school,” Mosley told the crowd, “I could not have kept my hand to the plow without the support of my friends at Niceville Chamber and their encouragement to me. So thank you for that. I’m very, very appreciative. Glory to God in the highest. This Christmas season is a nice time to give him praise.”

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The building phase for the school is still ongoing, according to the school’s website. In total, their capital campaign hopes to raise about $7.5 Million. 

Future projects include an Athletic Complex, a Fine Arts Performing Center, an Elementary Classroom Building, a Cafetorium, a Campus Expansion in Crestview, and a Middle School Campus Expansion.  

More About Rocky Bayou Christian School

In 1973, Harold and Joyce Thomas and Bob and Katherine Grete founded Rocky Bayou Christian School. 

They wanted to provide a Christ-centered education rooted in biblical principles and affirm parents’ critical role in their children’s education.

The school started with 22 students in Kindergarten through sixth grade; ten years later, there were 365 students and 44 faculty members. 

In 1988, the school’s assets transitioned to the Northwest Florida Christian Education Association (NFCEA), formed by four local churches. 

RBCS says it continues to uphold its mission of glorifying Jesus Christ by delivering the best Christian education. The school emphasizes academic excellence, spiritual maturity, leadership development, physical fitness, and high standards of Christian character.

In total, RBCS has 750 students enrolled from grades K-12. 

RBCS holds accreditation from the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (FACCS), Middle States Associations of Colleges and Schools (MSA), and the National Institute for Learning and Development (NILD). The school undergoes a rigorous review every five years, consistently meeting or exceeding accreditation standards, contributing to high acceptance rates for its graduates into top universities.


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