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Christopher Saul

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Arrest Took Place One Month Before Sheriff’s Office Raid Which Ended In Drug Arrest

The Niceville-area home at 919 47th Street was the scene of another arrest incident before the  Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office raid that took place on May 2nd. 

Deputies arrested Richard Keith Giles at the home on April 6th.

A sworn affidavit states Giles was caught on camera with another man at Coastal Brick in Niceville allegedly stealing two generators from the property. In the statement, the deputy notes that he has had multiple encounters with Giles. 

The deputy continues that he questioned Giles, with the generators in plain sight. He asked Giles for permission to enter the property at 919 47th street and look at the generator on the property. Thanks to some unique identifying characteristics, the deputy was able to confirm the generator was one of the units stolen from Coastal Brick. 

The deputy sheriff read Giles his rights – after which, Giles said that he would answer more questions. According to the deputy’s report, Giles told him that he entered the property through a hole in the fence after observing the generators for a couple of days. 

Giles claimed he stole the generators to help the owner of the residence, whom he claims needed them to power the medical devices he uses. Giles allegedly told the deputy there is no power to the house. 

Richard Keith Giles Mugshot
Richard Keith Giles Mugshot

For Fear of Being Killed

The deputy then asked Giles to name the person who was with him when the burglary took place. 

Giles said he couldn’t. He feared being killed if he told the deputy who helped him steal the generators. “I will take full responsibility,” the deputy said Giles told him. 

According to the sworn statement, Giles said that he sold the other generator to another person. Giles would not give the name of the person he sold to, for fear of being killed. 

Giles is charged with several felonies and misdemeanors for the theft and sale of stolen property.

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