Progress on Pride: LGBTQ+ Group Gets City Approval to Host Event in Community Center.

After a contentious debate at Niceville's City Council meeting, Niceville PFLAG has secured the Niceville Community Center for its upcoming Pride Day event on June 1. The decision comes after discussions regarding the inclusion of certain activities, highlighting ongoing tensions and the importance of inclusivity in community spaces.

Niceville PFLAG will use the Niceville Community Center for its Pride Day event, which is scheduled for June 1 this year. 

The decision follows a row last week at Niceville’s City Council meeting over whether the organization should be allowed to use the facility. 

In an email to the Niceville City Council, City Manager David Deitch told the elected officials he would allow the event to go forward with one caveat. “We mutually agreed to execute this event in the community center as planned, but without the drag queen story hour. The other published events will occur as planned. I believe this arrangement will mitigate some of the concerns and issues that have been expressed this week while also ensuring the participants have a safe, joyful day of community and fellowship,” Deitch said in the email. 

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City Councilman Sal Nodjomian, the lone voice of anger against bigoted statements about the Pride Event last week, said “The discussions started at the council meeting and carried on in social media were often painful, but I am encouraged by the outcome.  We shed light on the need to be an inclusive community and we lived up to the standards our residents deserve.   We don’t have to agree on every issue, but we do need to engage in informed and respectful discourse.”

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Dr. Misti Schneidewind, a PFLAG leadership team member, told Mid Bay News, “[last week’s events were] never the ‘City of Niceville versus the LGBTQ community.’ From the very beginning, this was about building bridges and spreading love. This is not our first time doing this and this is certainly not our first time encountering obstacles. Everything pretty much occurred right on time . Our philosophy has always been ‘pivot, pivot, pivot…let love prevail.’ My communications with the city manager were never anything other than pleasant and professional. In the end love won. Pride 2024 is a go and will be happening at the community center in Niceville on June 1.” 

One can find event details at This will be the organization’s sixth iteration of Pride in Boggy. 

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