Police: Niceville Man arrested after threatening to kill wife over changed television channel. 

Police say a Niceville man threatened to kill his wife with a gun, then a sword and then knives after a dispute over the television channel.

Niceville Police arrested 64-year-old Mark Payne after they say he grabbed kitchen knives and threatened to kill his wife on the evening of April 15. 

According to the arrest affidavit, Payne’s wife told the police he tried to stab her, and their child was in danger because they were still in the home with Payne. 

The victim told the two officers who arrived to the home in response to the 911 call about the incident that “her husband, the defendant, had initiatied the conflict by changing the television channel during her viewing time.” She said the two started arguing and he then told her he was “going to end this“. 

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The victim says Payne then went to look for his handgun. When he couldn’t find it, she says he then told her he was going to get a sword – but could not find that weapon either. The victim said he then decided to grab three kitchen knives from the dishwasher and stalked toward her to stab and kill her. 

 “The defendant reached out and grabbed her with his left hand by the shirt collar,” the report says. The victim then told the police she was in fear for her life. 

She then told Niceville Police as she tried to escape through the front door of the home, Payne pulled her back inside by the shirt collar and broke a gold necklace around her neck. When the necklace broke, Payne let go of her and she ran away. 

Police interviewed the couple’s child, who told them they were asleep during the fight and only found out about it when they were told to crawl out of the window to escape the home. 

Payne’s Version of Events

After police arrested him, Payne gave his version of events. He denied threatening the victim and claimed self defense in the incident. 

Police say he admitted to breaking the necklace when he pushed out of the door of their home. 

He claims he was watching television when the alleged victim grabbed a small saucepan and began to swing it at him. 

Further Investigation

Police brought up to both people in the case that they had a history of domestic violence – both had different explanations as to what happened in the past. 

Injuries were visible on the alleged. victim’s neck – Payne had a minor cut on his left wrist and a scratch on his chest, according to police. 

Police collected the knives as evidence and Payne was taken to the Okaloosa County Jail. 

The judge in Payne’s case has denied bond to Payne, who will stay in jail pending the trial. 

Payne will have a felony plea date on May 23 and a pretrial conference on July 8. 

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