Law Enforcement arrested a DeFuniak Springs man on charges he stole almost $65,000 worth of DJ equipment and pawned it at local pawn brokers over a seven month period. 

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Donnie Lee Roop on January 25th in relation to the crime. Niceville Police investigators say Roop stole $65,000 worth of sound equipment from two storage units used by the DJ company he worked for. They then accuse him of pawning the items for about $21,000. 

Law Enforcement says they used a software provided by Leads Online to prove Roop pawned the items at local pawn shops. 

Investigators attempted to contact Roop as early as last May about the missing items, but claimed Roop avoided speaking with them in person. On May 16th, they were able to get Roop on the phone. 

Roop claimed his job was to deliver the sound equipment to various venues around the area for weddings. Eventually he told the deputites he was the one who stole the sound equipment and pawned it. 

Roop faces up to 30 years in prison and a $10,000 fine for the grand theft charge, a first-degree felony. He faces another 15-year charge with a $10,000 fine for the dealing in stolen property charge. 

Roop has a plea date in front of Judge John Brown on March 16th. His pretrial conference is scheduled for the 8th of May.

Donnie Lee Roop was arrested and charged with first and second degree crimes related to the theft of DJ equipment.

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