Okaloosa Sheriff’s Deputies Arrest Man For Destin Shooting

In Brief:

  • A confrontation at Sea Glass Apartments resulted in a shooting that left a 60-year-old man paralyzed.
  • Timothy Rettinger allegedly pursued the victim, shot him multiple times, and was later detained after admitting to the shooting.
  • Critical evidence, including autonomous footage from a Tesla, captured the incident, supporting witness accounts and Rettinger’s claims.

A violent confrontation at the Sea Glass Apartments on Commons Drive West left one man paralyzed after a heated altercation on Monday evening.

The incident occurred around 7:35 PM when an argument between two men escalated rapidly. The victim, a 60-year-old male, attempted to leave the scene in his white Chevrolet Silverado, speeding through the apartment complex’s parking lot. However, Timothy Rettinger pursued him in a black Buick Enclave.

Witnesses reported that the victim stopped his vehicle on the opposite side of the complex and exited, seemingly heading toward his backseat door. At this moment, Rettinger drove towards the Victim at high speed. As Rettinger approached, he fired multiple shots through the passenger side of his vehicle, striking the victim.

The victim was hit three times, with gunshots lodging in his right shoulder blade and the back of his neck, resulting in paralysis from the neck down. Emergency personnel discovered a pistol in the victim’s right hand beneath his torso during treatment.

After the shooting, Rettinger called the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) Dispatch, supposedly admitting to the shooting and stating he was still on the property. Rettinger was detained by authorities and claimed that the victim had punched him in the face before the chase ensued. According to Rettinger, the victim then exited his vehicle and pointed a gun at him, prompting Rettinger to shoot.

A Tesla parked in the lot of Sea Glass Apartments recorded the incident. According to the Okaloosa Sheriff’s Office, the footage showed the victim driving quickly and stopping abruptly, followed by Rettinger’s vehicle pulling up next to him. The Sheriff’s Office said in a press release that the video they have captured the moment when shots were fired from Rettinger’s car, and the Victim fell face-first to the ground. Immediately after, Rettinger fled the scene.

Accoding to the release, eyewitnesses familiar with the victim noted that he appeared to be driving faster than usual and was heading towards his backseat door when Rettinger’s vehicle approached at high speed. They described Rettinger accelerating upon seeing the victim and shooting him as he ducked. The Victim reportedly told a witness who rendered aid that he did not know Rettinger.

The investigation continues as authorities gather more details about the incident. Rettinger remains in custody and is awaiting further legal proceedings.

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