Okaloosa School Board Buys Land In Deer Moss Creek

Okaloosa School Board votes unanimously to secure land for potential future school expansion.

The Okaloosa School Board voted unanimously to approve the purchase of 30 acres of land in the northeastern extremity of Niceville for a potential school site. 

The district has yet to make plans to build on the site, though that could change in the future. You can hear more about it in the podcast episode Mid Bay News conducted with Superintendent of Schools Marcus Chambers. 

The superintendent recommended purchasing the land due to the rising cost of real estate in the area and the need to prepare for an eventuality where a new school would be needed. 

One member of the public, who failed to identify himself for the record, voiced dissent over the purchase of the land. He argued that the land was not a good use of the real estate, enrollment was on the decline in the Niceville area, and the school district was speculating in real estate to build up future funds. 

Board members, in a previous meeting, argued those same points, but viewed them as positives. 

All Niceville-area elementary, middle, and high schools are filled or close to capacity.

The Board voted unanimously immediately after public comment, 4-0. School Board Member Linda Evanchyk was not present at the meeting. 


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