a digital rendering of an office building in valparaiso florida.

Okaloosa Gas Breaks Ground on $77 Million Facility in Valparaiso. 

Okaloosa Gas will have a new facility on the corner of Valparaiso Boulevard and SR 85 soon. Here are the details:

Okaloosa Gas announced Thursday through its building contractor, Robins and Morton, that it broke ground on a new $77 million facility that will serve as the district’s headquarters at the intersection of State Route 85 and Valparaiso Boulevard on March 5.  

According to a news release from Robins and Morton, the project includes:

  • A four-story, 152,000-square-foot office building.
  • An 18,400-square-foot operations center.
  • A 7,200-square-foot vehicle maintenance building.
  • A 23,540-square-foot warehouse.

The release added that the Okaloosa Gas District, a public utility, will consolidate all of its operations and upgrade some buildings that are more than 70 years old. 

“Plans are moving forward and we are excited to get this project underway, and some groundwork has already begun,” said Gordon King, Okaloosa Gas District CEO. “We look forward to our ongoing partnership with the community as we grow.”

“We appreciate the trust placed in us to deliver these much-needed facilities for Okaloosa Gas District,” Robins & Morton Project Director Bryan Durkin said. “We look forward to seeing the new campus’ positive impact on this community.”

Robins and Morton said they expect construction to wrap up in 2025. 

An aerial digital rendering of the Okaloosa Gas District complex that will be built in Valparaiso, Florida.
An aerial digital rendering of the Okaloosa Gas District complex that will be built in Valparaiso, Florida.

About Okaloosa Gas

Okaloosa Gas is an ‘Independent Special District of the State of Florida.’ In practice, that means Okaloosa Gas is a governmental entity, with representatives from the original partner cities and the Okaloosa County Board of County Commissioners on its board. 

The four cities, including Niceville, Valparaiso, and Okaloosa County, founded the gas district with the state legislature’s approval in 1953. Since then, the gas district has expanded to serve major military installations like Eglin Air Force Base, Hurlburt and Whiting Fields, Walton and Santa Rosa Counties residents, and more than 50,000 customers. 

Okaloosa Gas has about 200 employees and had $46 Million in operating revenue in 2020.  

About Robins & Morton

Robins & Morton is a privately held construction firm based in Birmingham, Alabama, with offices in Charlotte, Dallas, Huntsville, Miami—Fort Lauderdale, Nashville, Orlando, Raleigh-Durham, San Antonio, and Tampa. The firm specializes in constructing healthcare, hospitality, higher education, entertainment, sports, and government buildings. Since 1946, the firm has built a reputation as a trusted advisor to clients nationwide by cultivating a high-performing team that values integrity, safety, and innovative thinking. Robins & Morton is consistently ranked as one of the top 100 contractors in the United States and among the top 15 in the Southeast. To learn more about Robins & Morton, visit www.robinsmorton.com.

Members of the Okaloosa Gas District Board and DAG Architect Patrick Ballasch.

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