You may have a letter in your mailbox from Okaloosa County soon. The Okaloosa County Board of County Commissioners announced Tuesday they will conduct a “comprehensive quality of life survey beginning in October.”


Randomly selected residents who live in the unincorporated parts of Okaloosa County (about one-half of the county’s total population) will receive a postcard invitation to complete the survey online. 


After the initial random survey group has been solicited multiple times, the survey will be opened for all county residents to take. The survey will appear at a later date, which hasn’t been announced, on Okaloosa County’s website. 


 “We are excited to be conducting this survey,” says Okaloosa Board of County Commissioners Chairman Mel Ponder. “This survey will help Okaloosa County staff and board identify priorities for the community and improve the quality of life in Okaloosa County.”

Okaloosa County Seal
Seal of Okaloosa County, Florida

More About the Survey

According to a news release from the county, the survey instrument they will use, known as The National Community Survey™ (NCS™), allows the County to compare results and benchmark residents’ opinions against other communities across the country. The scientific survey gathers resident opinions on a specific set of questions and community issues and compares answers to other communities. It has been used in 350 jurisdictions and 46 states. The news release says that the government organizatios which use the survey have reported “the tool improved service delivery, strengthened communications with community stakeholders and helped leaders identigy clear priorities for use in strategic planning and budget setting.”


The survey will include questions about quality of life, important characteristics of [the] community, services provided by Okaloosa County and priorities for the future.

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