In a proud moment for the Northwest Florida State College (NWFSC) community, student Lillian Roller has been appointed to a significant position within the Florida College System Student Government Association (FCSSGA). 

Roller’s selection to serve on the FCSSGA State Executive Board as the Chair of the Temporary Committee marks a remarkable achievement for both her and the college.

Roller’s responsibilities entail leading the planning efforts for the upcoming Student Leadership conferences scheduled for February and April. A press release from the college notes these conferences are pivotal gatherings, bringing together representatives from all twenty-eight Florida College Student Government Associations. 

In her role, Roller will work closely with the FCSSGA President, reporting directly and overseeing weekly meetings to ensure the success of these crucial events.

“I am so grateful to have been given this amazing opportunity,” Roller said, “I am looking forward to representing not only Northwest Florida State College but also the Panhandle of Florida. As the sole member of the State Executive Board from the Panhandle, I am looking forward to making an impact at the state level.”

NWFSC President Dr. Devin Stephenson also shared his pride in Roller’s appointment, highlighting the significant platform it provides for amplifying the voices of the college’s student body at the state level. He expressed confidence in Roller’s ability to make a positive impact in this vital role.

The FCSSGA serves as the voice for nearly one million students enrolled in the Florida College System’s 28 colleges. Through promoting legislative advocacy, leadership development, service-learning, and citizenship, the organization plays a crucial role in enhancing the college experience for students across the state.


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