a group of junior college or state college students smile at the camera
Northwest Florida State College Forensics (debate) students pose for the camera after their dominant showing at the Florida College System Activities Association (FCSAA) State Championship in February (NWFSC File Photo)

NWFSC Raiders Awarded for Excellence at State Debate Tournament

NWFSC Raider Debaters claimed honors at the state forensics tournament which wrapped up earlier this month.

In a virtual showdown that showcased exceptional talent, theย Northwest Florida State College (NWFSC) Forensics Speech and Debate Teamย emerged victorious at theย Florida College System Activities Association (FCSAA) State Championshipย on February 9th and 10th, 2024.

The competition, which brought together students from 28 schools across the Florida College System, witnessed the NWFSC team securing impressive rankings in eleven competitions.

Lola Sennett led the pack, who claimed the title of State Champion in the Informative category.ย 

Mason Taylor also demonstrated prowess, securing a 4th place in the same division.ย 

Isaiah Taylor clinched the top spot in the Persuasive category, earning the State Champion title, while Aleksandria Herr took 2nd place.ย 

Mason Porter showcased his skills in Extemporaneous, securing the 5th position.ย 

Isaiah Taylor again shone in the Impromptu category, grabbing the 2nd position.ย 

The IPDA category saw Aleksandria Herr earning the 2nd Speaker Points and a 2nd place.

In recognition of her outstanding embodiment of fellowship, generosity, humility, and service to the forensics community, Aleksandria Herr received the esteemed Shira Brownstein Award. This award, named in memory of Tallahassee Community College forensics team member Shira Brownstein, is a testament to Herr’s character and commitment.

The NWFSC Forensics Speech and Debate Team collectively secured 3rd place in Debate Sweepstakes, 2nd place in Individual Events Sweepstakes, and an impressive 2nd place in the Overall Sweepstakes.

Expressing his pride in the team’s achievements,ย Dr. Devin Stephenson,ย President of Northwest Florida State College, commended Aleksandria Herr for her embodiment of the Shira Brownstein Award’s values, as well as the success of other Raiders at competition. “I am proud of the NWFSC Forensics Speech and Debate Team’s remarkable achievements at the FCSAA State Championship,” expressed Dr. Stephenson said. “Special recognition goes to Aleksandria Herr for embodying the values of the Shira Brownstein Award. Congratulations to the team for their distinguished performance and for upholding NWFSC’s academic and ethical principles.”

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