NWF Ballet Needs Money After Governor Vetoes Budget

In Brief:

  • Governor Ron DeSantis vetoed $32 million in funding for Florida’s Cultural Museum and Cultural Facilities grants, affecting arts organizations statewide.
  • Todd Eric Allen of Northwest Florida Ballet highlighted the significant impact on local arts and urged patrons to increase their support amid financial challenges.
  • The $116.5 billion state budget for fiscal year 2024-2025 includes teacher pay raises, Everglades restoration, and toll road relief, but DeSantis aimed to reduce overall spending.

Northwest Florida Ballet is one of many arts groups statewide that will have to plug a hole in their budget left by Governor Ron DeSantis’s veto.


With the veto pen, DeSantis cut $32 million in funding for Florida’s Cultural Museum and Cultural Facilities grants for the arts statewide.


The CEO and Creative Director, Todd Eric Allen of the Northwest Florida Ballet said in an email to supporters that the cuts “are poised to have a devastating impact on many organizations throughout the state, including the Northwest Florida Ballet.” Allen added that While we appreciate the Governor’s position and his other priorities, these funds support nonprofits that have been well-vetted through a rigorous review process and have a proven track record of enhancing the quality of life for many in our communities and across the state.” Allen noted the arts accounted for $45 Billion, or 3.15%, of the Florida’s GDP and generates more than a billion in tax revenue for the state.

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According to an article by ARTnews, DeSantis, “did not specifically explain why he slashed the state’s arts and culture grant programs. He did, however, mention a general desire to reduce spending and avoid funding items he deemed ‘inappropriate for state tax dollars.'”


DeSantis signed the $116.5 billion state budget for the 2024-2025 fiscal year, which was half a billion dollars smaller than the previous year’s total of $117 billion.


The budget includes teacher pay raises, restoration money for the everglades, and toll road relief.


While the arts community figures out what to do next, Allen asks that patrons consider increasing their donations to the Northwest Florida Ballet to keep the lights on.

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