Crime Numbers Within Normal Bounds for this Year

Chief David Popwell gave his monthly crime report to the Niceville City Council Tuesday, June 14th. 


According to Police statistics quoted by the chief – a total of 3,553 calls were made for assistance to the Niceville Police Department. That number is a little lower than the approximately 3,700 calls for service per month the department has received so far this year. 


There were a total of 10 misdemeanor arrests in May, fewer than the monthly average of 12.2. However, there were 13 felony arrests in May which is above average (average taken using statistics for each month so far in 2022).


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A total of 47 car crashes took place within city limits during May – which is very close to the normal amount of car crashes the city police force has dealt with on a monthly basis – according to their data. Police estimate the total damage to the 84 vehicles involved in the crashes to cost about $243,752 – or roughly $5,141 per vehicle. 


Finally, Chief Popwell noted that the police department handed out a total of 138 traffic citations in the month of May. 


The chief did not provide an update on the double homicide that took place in February.


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NICEVILLE police chief david popwell portrait
Niceville Police Department Chief David Popwell

Arrest Information Through May 2022

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