Northwest Florida State, Tech Startup Announce Tutoring Partnership

In Brief:

  • Northwest Florida State College (NWFSC) has partnered with Knack to provide free, on-demand peer tutoring starting Fall 2024.
  • The initiative aims to enhance student retention and success while offering professional growth and economic empowerment opportunities for student tutors.
  • NWFSC’s peer tutors will receive CRLA-standard training, ensuring high-quality academic support for all students.

Northwest Florida State College (NWFSC) has teamed up with Knack, a renowned Florida-based peer tutoring platform, to offer free, on-demand tutoring for all students starting in Fall 2024.


This groundbreaking initiative aims to provide comprehensive academic support, ensuring that every student at NWFSC has the resources needed to excel. Through this collaboration, NWFSC peer tutors will undergo rigorous training in compliance with College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) standards, guaranteeing top-notch tutoring services for their peers. Knack will also employ local talent as contract employees to deliver scalable and impactful peer tutoring programs.


“I am thrilled to provide access to this innovative and easy solution for students to improve their likelihood of success,” said Dr. Devin Stephenson, President of Northwest Florida State College. “Our commitment to student success is unwavering; this additional resource demonstrates our support for all students who attend NWFSC.”

The partnership goes beyond academic assistance, offering professional growth and economic empowerment opportunities within the student community. A significant investment in compensating student tutors highlights the initiative’s dedication to creating a sustainable economic ecosystem on campus.


“Knack is committed to transforming the student support experience, and our partnership with NWFSC underscores our dedication to providing accessible, impactful tutoring services to all students,” said Samyr Qureshi, Founder and CEO of Knack. “This initiative not only supports academic success but also fosters a sense of community and empowerment among students—ensuring they have the resources needed to thrive both academically and personally.”

Dr. Henry Mack, Vice President of Academic Affairs, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “The idea that NWFSC is able to address its academic support needs while also creating mid-wage jobs for local talent—including our own students—is nothing short of exciting. The partnership comes at the right time as the College positions itself to grow its workforce programs to meet industry demand.”


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