Niceville Water and Sewer Rates to Increase

Niceville Water and Sewer Rates will increase by 2.5% for the next year after a unanimous vote by the city council Thursday evening. 


The increase will start on October 1st to stay in line with the city’s fiscal year.


This is the first increase in the water rate in four years for the city – which will see the cost rise about $1.73 per month for a home which uses 6,000 gallons of water per month. 


Despite the increase, the average water bill for a Niceville resident is still about $6.00 below the average of other water and sewer providers in the northwest Florida region. The average family in Niceville, which uses about 6,000 gallons per month, pays about $69.13 for water. With the increase, the same family will pay $70.86. 


Surrounding areas pay an average of $77.20 for the same amount. Okaloosa County users pay more – about $80.47. South Walton pays $87.14 – and Crestview pays $59.95; the second-lowest in the area. 

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