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May is National Better Hearing and Speech Month, an attempt to raise awareness about the issues which can be solved through the use of Speech Language Pathologists’ services.

“Speech language pathologists work with people every day in settings that include Okaloosa County Schools, private practices, health care facilities and peoples’ homes to improve speech, language, social and cognitive skills,” said Niceville-based Speech Language Pathologist Enri Fort.

Additionally, speech pathologists help people who have problems swallowing and eating safely.

Children with these issues typically had low birth weight, congenital syndromes, developmental disorders or an injury or illness.

Adults who need help from speech pathologists typically have had a stroke, brain injury, head and neck cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Areas where Niceville Speech Language Pathologists May Be Able to Assist Patients.


People with speech problems may not say sounds clearly or smoothly. This may make it difficult for others to understand them.


A person with a language disorder may have problems with expressing themselves, understanding others – as well as reading or writing.


Some patients can have difficulties with attention, memory, problem solving abilities, organizational skills and judgment.


Hoarseness, breathiness, pain, frequent coughing and other problems with a person’s voice may result in medical problems. Certain professionals – like musicians, coaches and teachers are at greater risk for these issues.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication

People in need of a speech therapist in northwest Florida may need or choose to use other ways to communicate besides talking. These include low tech and high tech solutions.

Feeding and Swallowing

Difficulties may include coughing and gagging during meals and other issues. These difficulties may occur due to preterm birth, developmental disabilities, medical conditions as well as illness and injury.

Gender Affirming Voice and Communication

This area may focus on pitch, tone, vocal health, nonverbal communication and more.

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