Niceville Police K9 Blue to be among dogs honored.

In a tribute to police dogs that lost their lives in the line of duty in 2022, Niceville runners will participate in K9s United’s fourth annual virtual Fallen K9 Memorial Run (you can register here) on National Police K-9 Day, Friday, September 1. 

The event will commemorate the sacrifice of these four-legged heroes, with K-9 Blue from the Niceville Police Department among them.

The memorial run, organized by K9s United, offers participants the choice of a challenging 9K run, a classic 5K run, or a one-mile fun run. Running enthusiasts and canine lovers are urged to register online to show their support for these crime-fighting canines. Every participant will receive a K9s United Fallen K9 Memorial Run t-shirt bearing the names of the fallen dogs being honored. To ensure participation, individuals are encouraged to sign up before the registration deadline of midnight on Thursday, August 31.

“The Fallen K9 Memorial Run is more than just a race; it’s a heartfelt tribute to the unwavering dedication and bravery of our fallen police dogs. These four-legged officers serve alongside their human counterparts, and their sacrifices should never be forgotten,” A release from K9’s United noted. 


a dog in front of a POW MIA memorial.
K9 Blue, a Niceville Police Dog attached to Sgt. Phil Ritchson, died in the line of duty in a vehicle crash last year.

Numerous law enforcement agencies struggle to secure adequate funding for their K-9 units. the difficulty in securing resources for K9 units often hampers the provision of essential resources such as advanced training, equipment, and kennels. 

K9s United has been at the forefront of advocating for federal legislation in support of these loyal and hardworking K-9 units. Their efforts have resulted in the successful passage of two bills into Florida law, contributing to the safeguarding and service of these selfless working dogs.

Individuals keen to show their support can contribute by donating to K9s United. Every dollar received aids the organization’s mission to train, educate, and equip K-9 teams. By joining the K-9 Corps, supporters can play a pivotal role in building safer communities for future generations.

The nonprofit is offering a specialty license plate for those in Florida looking to make a tangible contribution. Priced at $34, the proceeds from each plate will contribute $25 towards supporting, safeguarding, and advocating for these voiceless defenders of the community. 

The license plate will be produced once pre-orders reach a total of 3,000.

K9s United leadership is available for interviews, providing further insight into the organization’s mission and the importance of recognizing the sacrifices made by police dogs.

For more details and to get involved, please refer to the attached press release. The organizers express their gratitude for your assistance in spreading awareness about this event.

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