The piece of Partin Drive/SR-285 that stems from Niceville High School to College Boulevard will soon be renamed “Mayor Randall Wise Memorial Highway”. This stretch of road provides access to Niceville High School, Ruckel Middle School, The Niceville City Hall complex, Rocky Bayou Christian School and Rocky Bayou Baptist Church.


Mayor Wise served as the mayor of Niceville for half a century, from 1972 to 2020. Mayor Wise died in office and was the fifteenth-longest-serving Mayor in recorded American History. Wise was in office a total of 48 years, 19 days. During his time in office, Niceville boomed from 4,155 residents in 1970 to more than 15,772 in 2020. 

Only one northwest Florida mayor has served a longer stint than Mayor Wise. Mayor Bruce Arnold served as mayor for more than 58 years total. After a stint in the military, Arnold served until his death in 2017. Arnold is the second-longest serving mayor in Florida History. That honor belongs to John Land of Apopka, Florida who served in his position for 61 years, 111 days. Land is the second-longest serving mayor in US History. 

According to City Manager Lannie Corbin, who has served as city manager from 1972 to the present, said the unveiling ceremony is still in the works. He asked a councilperson to work with him to design a sign with them. Councilman Carl Donahoo will take the lead on the planning with Corbin. 

The Late Mayor, Randall Wise

Location of Mayor Randall Wise Memorial Highway

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