NPD: Woman Strangles, Threatens to Stab Household Member

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Bionka Cauchet McDonald

Niceville Police arrested Bionka McDonald, 29, of Niceville, after a domestic disturbance at her home in Niceville on Saturday evening, April 30th at about 10 pm. The police arrived on the scene after the alleged victim called police to report the alleged attack to police.

According to the arrest affidavit, McDonald “Intentionally impede[ed] the normal breathing and circulation of the victim against her will by applying pressure to her neck and throat. In doing so, this caused the victim to see black dots in her vision.”

said McDonald then threatened the victim with a steak knife. McDonald then allegedly told the victim, “If I am going to jail, I am going for a reason.”

The report then says the victim was able to break free from McDonald and hide in the bathroom.

Additionally, the report says McDonald was taken into custody, read her Miranda Rights and asked if she wanted to answer questions about the incident.

McDonald refused to answer questions. She was taken to the Okaloosa County Jail in Crestview and processed. McDonald faces felony charges for the alleged attack.

No location information was available in the report because the incident was classified as a domestic violence-related incident.

View the Entire Arrest Report



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