Niceville Police Release Arrests Stats for November 2022

The Niceville Police Department Released their crime statistics for the month of November at December 13th’s city council meeting. 


In total, the Niceville Police Department arrested a total of 12 people, 7 for felonies and 5 for misdemeanors, including DUI, in November. The total number of arrests continues its strong downward trend for the year. To give you an idea, January of 2022 had the most arrests for a single month – a total of 41 people were arrested. That’s roughly 20% of the total number of arrests for the year within the city limits of Niceville. 


To see a gallery of the arrests, as well as a map as to where they took place and a look at the affidavits (the narratives officers turn in when they arrest someone) head over to our arrests page. 


Police took a little of 4,000 calls for service during the month – bringing their yearly total to 39,806 calls for the year so far. 4,069 calls is the second-highest total number of calls for a single month. The most calls for service in a single month took place in October, when the city had a total of 4,100 calls into their 9-1-1 line. 


The department responded to a total of 53 vehicle accidents in November – slightly above average for a month in Niceville. Police reported a total of about $285,000 in damage to 97 vehicles and property due to the accidents. Police issued a total of 102 traffic citations in the month and an additional 212 traffic warnings for the month. 


Chief Popwell also noted that the Intertribal Powwow, hosted at Twin Oaks Park went well and was in good order. 


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