Niceville PD Arrests Update: November 2023

Niceville PD Arrests Update: November 2023

The latest arrest numbers from the Niceville Police Department.

November saw a two-year low in calls to the Niceville Police Department’s phone lines – but that did not mean a drop off in arrests for the city’s finest.

Niceville Police had 2,837 calls for service this month – and a total of 27 arrests, a number slightly above the monthly average – but significantly higher than the 12 arrests the department made last November. Eighteen of the arrests in November 2023 were for misdemeanors; another eight were for felonies. Police also made a single DUI arrest.

The department also noted that 96 vehicles and four pedestrians were involved in traffic accidents for the month. The cars suffered a little over a quarter million dollars in damages.

Staff Reports

Staff Reports

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