Niceville Police had a busy month in January.

Officers made four DUI arrests during the month, including an arrest of a bicyclist who, while allegedly drunk, pedaled into a car at the intersection of SR 20 and SR 85. No injuries were reported from the crash.

A Niceville Police Officer arrested Josue Prado for the incident. The police report that was filed alleges he ran into a car with his bicycle at about 7:25 PM on January 23rd.

At the time of his arrest, Pradoโ€™s blood alcohol count was .263, about three times the legal limit to operate a vehicle.

In the arrest report, the police officer indicated that Prado was stumbling and became combative.

Eventually, the officer detained Prado due to his aggressive behavior – according to the report.

Read the Arrest Report Below

Other Crime Stats for the Month of January

In total, the Niceville Police Department responded to 3,333 calls for assistance in January.

Officers responded to a total of 44 car crashes within city limits. Chief David Popwell Estimates that the damage to all vehicles involved was approximately $251,000.

Niceville Police also made 21 misdemeanor arrests and 16 felony arrests.