Niceville Mullet Festival to Return in 2025.

Organizers say the delay will allow them to get top-tier talent to the newly reconstituted festival.

White Hat Productions (Also known as Emerald Coast Entertainment Group) says it will bring back the Mullet Festival for 2025, according to its attorney, who spoke to the Niceville City Council at its regular meeting on March 11. 

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Shiraz Hosein, the attorney for the promotion group, told the city council members it was too late to bring the festival back for October 2024. “We’re ready to go forward with announcing the event for 2025 because we missed out on the opportunity to get the right artists, but we’re prepared to go forward with the event, whether there is alcohol or not,” Hosein said. 

“We want to show Niceville that we can bring a big concert here directed toward families,” Promoter Mark Wagner said, “With it being March, we just don’t want to push this and try and do it in 2024.” Wagner added that he plans to bring in a “top 10 ride company” for entertainment and hopes to get a headliner like Miranda Lambert or Jellyroll for the shows. 

Niceville City Manager David Deitch told Wagner and the council that he has continued discussions with the United States Air Force, the owner of the Mullet Festival Grounds that leases the land to the city, about the possibility of the Mullet Festival’s return. “Nothing in the Department of Defense moves on a fast track,” the former Air Force Colonel and Eglin Air Force Base General Counsel told the city council. The Air Force sent the city directions on how to amend the request to lease the Mullet Festival grounds. “It’s not going to slow down the process significantly enough that it’s going to impact any of the projects we were planning for our area, but it won’t be a short process. By October 2025, I imagine it will be done by then.”

More About The Mullet Festival 

The Mullet Festival began about 50 years ago, in 1976, as a way for locals to relax and prepare for the cooler weather heading their way. The last mullet festival was held in 2019 under a new name, Boggy Fest. The 2020 iteration was canceled and has yet to take place since.

According to the Spence Brothers website, Walter Francis Spence came up with the idea when he became the Niceville-Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce president in the 1970s. 

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