Luan An Nguyễn

Man On Probation For Previous Trafficking Conviction

A Niceville man on felony probation for the sale, manufacture, and delivery of Marijuana was arrested by Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Deputies on November 21st after a traffic stop and search. 

Deputies say the defendant, Luan An Nguyen, violated probation and committed another set of crimes when they allege they caught him with controlled substances without a prescription and possession of Marijuana with intent to distribute. 

The arrest took place in the area of Bluewater Boulevard and Southwind Drive in Niceville. 

Deputies say they pulled over a silver Toyota Tacoma with Kentucky license plates for a failure to stop at a stop bar. When the deputy approached the vehicle, he alleged he smelled Marijuana and moved to investigate. 

The deputy then says Nguyen told him there was no marijuana or hemp in the vehicle. The deputy then said Nguyen told him he had a medical marijuana card. 

A database search by the deputy found Nguyen’s card expired in 2021. 

From there, the deputy made a probable cause search of the car and found a black bag on the passenger side floorboard. Inside, the deputy says he found a gram of methamphetamine, four grams of cocaine, 344 grams of ‘a green leafy substance which tested positive for ‘High THC,’ two digital scales with green leafy substance residue, wrapping papers, ‘dab,’ and a prescription bottle with 20 Vyvanse, two Buprenorphine Hydrochloride (prescribed to people with opioid use disorder), five Acetomenaphin and Hydrocodone Bitartrate18 Morphine Sulfate and a Clonazepam (which is used to prevent seizures and panic attacks)

Nguyen was taken to the Okaloosa County Jail and has a bond of $14,000 for the controlled substance charges and a $5,000 bond for the probation violation charge.

Nguyen has a Felony plea date for January 11 and pretrial conference scheduled for March 11th. Nguyen does not have an attorney, according to court records. 

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