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Design the next Niceville Library card now!

Great news – the city of Niceville is running low on Library Cards. Last year, the city ordered about 3,000 – and have made their way through most of them.

This year, the city has decided to do a competition for the art that will go on the card.

That means you have a chance to create the next library card!

If you are a library card holder, are more than 13 years old, and don’t try to submit a photograph, that is it.

A family talks to the Rachel Parker at the Niceville Library Circulation Desk.

Other rules? You can only make one submission; It has to be a landscape orientation design of 10″ by 6″, and it has to follow one of these themes:

  • Florida
  • Niceville
  • Books
  • Libraries 

The artwork has to be original, not published anywhere else, and the artwork will become the property of the Niceville library. Don’t include your name on the front of the card. 

You’ve got until September 1, 2023, to submit your art! You can pick up submission materials and other information from the library on Partin Drive in Niceville. 

Making the library the heart of the community

To ensure that the library continues to receive grant funding and other outside money – the library has to prove a certain amount of foot traffic and value to the powers holding the pursestrings in the local, state, and federal governments. That’s why the library has contests like this – to maintain community involvement and participation in the goal of the library.

Making a difference by creating a place where people can learn, socialize and become better versions of themselves has everything to do with creating this library card contest for organizer and library employee Jackie Schulte. “I love it. I’ve always use the library myself, I think it’s a great resource. It’s something free and fun and easy to do,” Schulte said, “I do think that we’re more than just books here. You know, movies and video games and computers. And a lot of our patrons that come in not just children are seniors and sometimes we’re the only people that they talk to every single day. I like to make a difference in people’s day. I’ve done nonprofit for 10 years so this is just a great face to face regular daily thing I absolutely love it.”

a woman smiling.
Jackie Schulte works in circulation at the Niceville Library. She is charged with helping people find and check out books - and makes sure books go to the right places!

Voting begins, and a card is chosen.

Once the submission window closes, the residents will vote on the best submission. The voting period will occur between September first and 15th- anyone who comes into the library can vote for their favorite. The winner of the vote will get to be on the card! That announcement will take place on September 19. 

Got questions? Email Jackie Schulte here


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