Second half play decisive for the visiting Lincoln Trojans.

The thick, muggy air welcomed the Lincoln High School football team to the Nest on Thursday night. Despite a weekday appointment with the Trojans, thousands of fans packed Eagle Stadium to cheer on their hometown football team as they take on their most formidable opponent so far this season.

The Trojans were the first to put points on the scoreboard with a 59-yard touchdown. However, the Eagles quickly made a comeback, with #10 DJ Shorts scoring a 10-yard rushing touchdown and #47 Logan Marise putting away the point after.

The second quarter saw many long passes and long runs by the Eagles and the Trojans, sparking tension throughout the stadium. Niceville’s very own #10 DJ Shorts was responsible for the only touchdown of the quarter, securing a 14-7 lead for the Eagles going into halftime.

Lincoln’s band kicked off the halftime show with an excellent performance, and were succeeded by Niceville’s award-winning Eagle Pride who was nothing short of perfection, per usual. The student section, decked out in USA-themed attire- including a lady liberty costume and 3 founding fathers, radiated energy all throughout the night but especially during the halftime tradition. Cheer coach Tanya Herndon, handed out dozens of cans of silly string to the student section, creating the most colorful halftime of the season so far.

The third and fourth quarters secured the win for the Trojans, who scored two additional touchdowns and exhibited the Eagle’s point of weakness, namely the offense. With three turnovers and no points scored during the entire second half, the offense proved itself as an area that could use some improvement for Niceville. Final score – 28-14 for the Trojans. 

In contrast, the defense had yet another solid performance under the bright lights of Eagle Stadium. Despite the final score, the defense worked as a unit and did a great job of covering receivers and preventing breakaway running plays.

Although the Eagles did not receive the outcome they had hoped for, there is still plenty of time in the season for the team to improve on their weaknesses and become stronger together as one.

Next week on Friday, September 15th, Niceville will travel to Tallahassee to take on Chiles in their first away game of the season.

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