Niceville crime and overdose numbers released for February 2023

Niceville Police Chief David Popwell announced the city’s crime statistics for February, 2023 at the March 13th city council meeting.

The city’s police officers made 24 arrests in February – two more than in February, 2022. The department made ten misdemeanor arrests – six fewer than in February 2022. Though misdemeanor arrests were down significantly – felony collars doubled in February 2023. 

Interestingly, a total of 3,651 calls were made to the Niceville Police Department in February – 1,000 fewer calls than were made in January 2023. 


Niceville Police Badge

A New Stat: Narcan Use

At last month’s city council meeting, the Police and Fire Chiefs were asked by Councilman Bill Schaetzle to begin to keep statistics on the number of times Narcan was administered in the city by first responders. 

Since that request, police, fire, or Okaloosa County EMS have used Narcan five times on people in the city. The uses took place on three separate overdose calls that took place between February 11 and early March. In two incidents, first responders used Narcan on two different patients. 

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