Niceville Chorus Sings In The Holiday Season

Here’s how you know Christmastime is here – the Niceville Chorus has announced the date of their annual holiday concert! The award-winning Niceville High School Chorus features a total of 20 All-State Choral members and 9 members of the All-State Reading Chorus. 

Audiophiles (that’s what the thesaurus says ‘music lovers’ can also be called) can hear old and new Christmas music from the NHS Chorus at 7pm on Monday, December 12, 2022 at the Mattie Kelly Arts Center at Northwest Florida State College in Niceville. 

All seven Niceville Choirs will be in attendance for the event, as well as professional strings, keyboard and percussion players. 

You can get your tickets here. Each admission costs $10. Proceeds go to support the arts at Niceville High School.

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🎄Holiday Concert

🎵New and Old Christmas Music

🎟$10, you can get your tickets here

📍 Mattie Kelly Arts Center

⏰ Show starts at 7PM

📆 Monday, December 12th


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