Police make almost 20 felony arrests in January

The Niceville Police Department released their monthly crime statistics for the month of January, 2023 – and the number of felony arrests were higher than average over the last year. 


Niceville police officers made a total of 17 felony arrests – the most since Mid Bay News began keeping track a year ago. This new high comes off a December in which the department made a higher-than-average 13 arrests in December. 


It does seem that more felony arrests do take place in the winter months in Niceville. The total number of arrests in Niceville for January 2023 was significantly lower than in 2022 – as the Niceville Police Department made a total of 41 arrests in the previous January. 


Still, Niceville recorded a total of 32 arrests, about one-and-a-half times the number of arrests seen in the city in an average month. 


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Niceville Police recorded no DUI arrests for the first time since July 2022.

man standing at a podium in a police uniform.
Police Chief David Popwell speaks to the Niceville City Council as City Manager Lannir Corbin and City Clerk Dan Doucet look on.

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