The old Bread of Life Church has a new purpose - rebuilding the lives of area women in need.

The old Bread Of Life Church – tucked just inside the Walton County Line near Niceville, has a new purpose, thanks to Freedom Life Compass

The ministry has spent tens of thousands of dollars on the simple building and mobile home behind it to transform the facility into the Freedom House, where women can get a new start on life. A garden area, ready for spring, has boxes for cultivation. A beautiful mural with bright yellow sunflowers graces the midnight blue side of the building. 


Stephanie Wedel is a pastor at Crosspoint Church in Niceville and the leader of Freedom Life Compass, which operates the facility on the property. 

She hopes the facility will serve as a place where women from all walks of life can get help to get back on their feet – whether the past involves drugs, alcohol, abuse, homelessness – or anything else. 

“And we are going to be able to house six women for six to 18 months while they learn life skills and get on their feet and help them become independent members of society,” Wedel said. 

The program teaches personal finance, organization, and other essential life skills – but also instructs the residents on how to open their own businesses and provide for themselves.

The goal – is to break habits and create productive members of society who can help other people who are in the situation they live in right now. “We’re not just talking about one woman’s life, we’re talking about her family,” Wedel said, “We’re talking about generational curses being broken at this facility and throughout all the ministries we’re involved in.”

The first day on campus for the program’s three test cases takes place on April 15th. Before the women move in, the facility will be open to an open house. Anyone from the public can come through and see the facility. 


Location of the Freedom House in Walton County, just a couple of minutes from Bluewater Bay. 

A view of the new Freedom House Complex from above
Stephanie Wedel, the founder of Freedom Life Compass, a facility to rebuild women's lives, poses in front of the Freedom House Mural. Wedel overcame her addiction to alcohol and now helps others do the same.

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